Title: Madonna's Tears
Size - 12 inches X 8 inches

Madonna's Tears  was sculpted when my only child came to visit me before going into the Marines. I knew we were looking at invading Iraq and I knew he would volunteer to go there.  He is now a war veteran and has been awarded several medals. 

When  I rakued this piece, it came out completely black. I started to rub it with a cloth and it turned a beautiful bronze.
I covered her with 18 K gold and low fired her. I wanted more gold so I then enhanced her with acrylic gold . This is when I noticed the eyes and face looked like it was covered with tears. Somewhere in the process, the glazes had pooled and dripped down her face.

God bless  not only our armed forces but the families who love them.

Price: $325.00
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Title: Judgment
Size - 10 inches X 8 inches

Judgment was sculpted with religious fundamentalist in mind.
The nose is deliberately bent out of shape.
The lips are formed stern and turned down with a slight sneer.
There is  look of disgust .
The face is bright and shiny - clean and pure - but there are dark pigmentations all over the skin. It reminds me of a cancer. It was not intentional but how the piece came out after firing.
The piece literally appears to be looking down at you even when it 's lying flat.
All around the face I created a tactile aura that is turned up from the sides as if it is exposed to a flame - Hell's fire.
When you touch this area, you feel it is rough around the edges.
There is a sadness in the eyes. Is it pity for our souls because of who we are or because of who they are?

Sandstone clay high fired
Rakued with bronze and blue glazes.

Price $375.00
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Title: Wart's and All
Size - 10 inches X 10 inches

This piece was high fired twice with a glaze that took on a bubbling effect similar to an outbreak of warts.

It was an unexpected surprise much like falling in love.  I thought of the expression " I love you warts and all".

To exaggerate the warts, I stained it with brown ink. 

Beautiful, unusual piece to display in your home or gallery.

Price $275.00
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Title: Evil Spirit Chaser
Size - 10 inches X 10 inches

This was originally inspired by a Mongolian woman but by the end of the process she became some thing more.  I call her the Evil Spirit Chaser. It is by an ancient belief that by placing an menacing object outside your entry way, evil spirits are frightened away.

The hair color is created by the smoke firing and the face is a beautiful copper color.  The few teeth are white with black crazing formed by the carbon.

Price $375.00
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